Hypnotherapy from Dr. Gordon Goodman

Perspective is everything. You're intelligent. You know this. Our perspective can become distorted by our beliefs or past experience. Beliefs are thoughts about thoughts (meta-cognitions). When perspectives change, meta-cognitions change. Behavior is then free to change into new behaviors that can lead to personal and financial success. Sounds like mumbo jumbo, but it's just logic. Change what you do and you change what you get. The question is...how do we change what we do.

First you have to notice what you're doing. If you hit people all the time, or throw eggs at people, or point and laugh at people, you're not likely to have many friends. Change that behavior to behaviors that are pleasant and the number of friends might change. Right? So noticing our own behavior is a big step.

Once you know what you're doing, it's time to find out WHY you're doing it. It's usually linked to a belief or a trait behavior. If you can't find out why you're behaving a certain way, no worries. Just change the behavior.

Life's not that hard. It's not that complicated. We're meant to be healthy, happy, and meant to be pursuing challenges that interest us. Not worrying all the time and thinking ourselves into a pit of despair. Falling down isn't the worst thing. Sometimes it takes being knocked off the horse to realize that we never truly learned to ride.

How Dr. G works...

Dr. Goodman's view of hypnotherapy is unconventional. Most of our behavior is inherited, learned by watching others, or acquired because of events that happen in our lives. But - we ARE in control of 10 -15% of our life. That may not seem like much, but even a 10% change in the direction of the rudder on a ship like the Queen Mary, will turn it full circle in due time. By controlling even 10% of your behavior, you can turn your life totally around.

We get into trouble when our trait behavior, our beliefs, and/or our environment clash. This causes an inbalance that is uncomfortable and scary. Sometimes hard times have nothing to do with you. Sometimes they do. Either way, when hard times come, a person needs the perspective of someone they trust. With a combination of techniques, each client out on a quest and is given tools. Happiness studies beginning in the 70's began to reveal consistent behaviors among people who were happy. There are now rules of thumb (Heuristics) that, if followed, will give people a better chance of being happier. There are also rules of thumb, that if followed, are guaranteed to make us unhappy. Clients learn these rules and many more.

It's not abnormal to feel a flood of hope after the first session. This is a good thing, since low levels of hope are indicative of depression. As sessions progress, clients acquire skills that will lead them back to the person they once were, or the person they were meant to be.

Dr. Goodman, with his vast experience and expertise in so many areas of life, offers insight and perspectives unavailable anywhere else. This will be obvious simply by viewing his webpages. Dr. Goodman believes healthy people require only short-term hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is not ideal for serious psychological disorders. If you feel you are not currently emotionally stable, longer, consistent forms of therapies are required. Individuals with serious on-going disorders will be referred to a licensed psychologist capable of helping you. Hypnotherapy works well for people who are generally stable and determined to get on track. Dr. Goodman rarely sees people for more than 5 or 6 sessions. Lives have been changed in a single session.

After working with him, Dr. Goodman's voice becomes a trigger for years to come. He receives phone calls from clients he's worked with 10 or 15 years in the past. Just by talking over the phone, many of their symptoms are drastically reduced. In addition to all this, he often meets with clients in executive offices, coffee shops, museums, parks, anywhere that can house a conversation using a form of waking hypnosis. He only accepts cash the first three sessions and there are no exceptions.

Dr. Goodman does not accept insurance.

He has clients are all over the United States

He works out of Burbank, California - as well as Ventura County.

To make an appointment, send Dr. Goodman an email by clicking the button below. Do not leave any long stories. Just a short message. Be sure and include your email and phone number and the best time to be reached.