The Gordon Goodman



Photography/Charcoal Portraits/Acrylics/Illustrations


His commissioned works in photography,

charcoal portraits, and sculpture have been

displayed in dozens of cities across the country.


"Carly" in Charcoal 24 x 30


"At the Organ" in Charcoal 24"x 36"






6' Wooden Soldier for the El Portal Theatre

The Slob 2' tall



"Reclining" in blue pencil 24" x 16"

"Bath" in Charcoal 36" x 24"

Paintings in Acrylic...

5' x 4' Clouds and Barn

Horse in a Storm


"Woman in Museum" 3' x 5'


"On a Clear Day" 18" x 24"



"Making Plans" 24" x 16"

And many many more....Plus Hundreds of Illustrations!

These are just a few examples of the tons of illustrations by Dr. Gordon Goodman.

Dr. G is an expert in the psychology surrounding the entertainment world.

His sketches and the poignant thought provoking stories he weaves around them have delighted audiences the world over.


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